Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crazy Coffee Lady.

I love the rain. Its like the world is trying to wash away all its most recent mistakes. I find it very relaxing. Watching the rain or standing in it. Having it wash over you. Erasing all of your mistakes. Not that it does erase them. Its just a nice thought, you think so?

I am so OCD. Its crazy. Especially with my books. Like you cant flip through the pages before you read them. And they must be in alphabetical order by author of course. Thats a give in. Im wicked crazy with my coffee. I need to get it at 7:27 exactly. I remember one morning I looked at my phone to check the time and it said 7:28. I started to hyperventalate in the middle of the hallway. My bestfriend asked me what was wrong and all I had to do was show her the time and she rushed me to the cafeteria. She is the best, she was pushing people out of the way and running with me. I just love the girl. Did I negelect to mention Im addicted to coffee?

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