Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Artist's Pooch.

So for the next couple of days Im going to be watching my neighbor's dog. Its so adorable. Hahaa. The wife is an artist so they named the dog after a famous painter. So until Sunday Im watching the little pup. WooHoo! I love the dog. Its just so adorable. It jumps up on you when you sit down. Hahaa.

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  1. Hi Aleesha! It's Marissa, from the Funny Bursts of Whatever blog thingy. xD
    I know I'm a total creeper, finding your blog like this but I CAN EXPLAIN.
    On wordpress, I can see how people get to my blog and I saw that someone clicked on my link on your profile and tracked it back. And so I came and wanted to say a big hearty thank you for reading my blog! =]
    You're totally awesome, and feel free to join the commenting party sometime.

    PS. DOGS ARE TOTALLY FLIPPIN' AWESOME. What breed is he/she?